Best Buddies Prom 2014

We’re going to Prom!

Chris Hammond, Development Director of Best Buddies Virginia and all around stand-up guy mentioned Sabra Design on ABC7′s “Let’s Talk Live!” program for our involvement in designing the event’s posters and promotional postcards. We will actually be attending the event this evening, so come on down to support Best Buddies Virginia, have a great time, and have a chance to be picked to dance with us during the final slow-dance.

You can find all the information you need about the event on the Best Buddies Virginia website. See you there!

If you want to skip to where Chris mentions us, skip to the 4:34 mark in the video.



Read the original article on ABC7′s website.

Terry Bradshaw Discusses The Hybrid Shop

A logo we designed quite some time ago is making its mark on the world. Watch this video – not only is it extremely interesting to see another green initiative take flight, you’ll also be able to see a design that came from the Sabra design-oven plastered on polo shirts, posters, cars and more! And Terry Bradshaw, of course!

View the Hybrid Shop Branding project here.

Sabra’s New Backyard

A perfect sunny Saturday got us out in the yard for a little beautification. Now we hardly go back inside!

Yard work!

Fantastic videos by Genomic Health

We’re really impressed with Genomic Health. Not only are they developing groundbreaking tests that are revolutionizing the way Cancer is and will be treated, they have been producing some great videos to inform us about it.

Happy Holidays!

All of us at Sabra wish you the happiest of holidays. See you in 2014!

- Chris, Konstantin, Kathleen, and Sabra

The Sabranos
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This actually happened.

So did this!

A few weeks ago, Sabra Design and 501 Auctions came together at beautiful Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia for our very first semi-annual Small Business Retreat. We had a fantastic time discussing our experiences in our budding businesses and making plans for the future.

Sabra, as usual, couldn’t pass up the chance for a little creative fun. We presented the guys at 501 with a customized Cornhole set complete with branded throwing sacks and two beautiful boards painted by local artist and generally awesome super-man, Jack Labadie (if you haven’t seen his work, do yourself a favor and check it out!)

Thus, the Sabra/501 Cornhole Rivalry was born!

The 501 Auctions board.

The Sabra board.

Jack Labadie Art
“Buffalo Skinners” on

Johnnie Selfish and the Worried Men (you can view their official website here) have finally released their much anticipated music video for the song “Buffalo Skinners” on Italian music portal Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

To help you find out what had to say about JSWMB, we went ahead and translated the majority of their article in this post.

Making of “Buffalo Skinners”

The animated music video for “Buffalo Skinners” by Johnnie Selfish & the Worried Men Band has taken shape over the course of several months, with the help of a dedicated team of illustrators and animators working from the United States, England, and Italy.

This article contains a record of the music video’s creation. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into Sabra Design‘s creative process as you view the sketches and story boards, style boards, designs, and character illustrations that will soon be brought to life in our new animated short.

“Buffalo Skinners” Music Video Style Boards

Buffalo Skinners Style Board

Connect Your Own Email Address to Gmail – How To

At Sabra Design, we have set up hundreds of email addresses both for ourselves and for our clients. We have been to the world of POP, SMTP, IMAP and back. We have tested many email services along the lines of Yahoo, Outlook, Apple Mail, Hotmail, and Gmail. After much trial and error, we have determined that above all others, Gmail performs the best for all our needs.

This first tutorial will teach you how to connect another email address you own to your Gmail account, allowing you to receive, organize and send messages for both accounts – all from your Gmail interface.