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Web Design

Make your mark on the virtual world!

Modern web design is about more than just content.  It is about a creative and intuitive presentation of your brand, your services, and, most importantly, of your voice.  Web 2.0 rewards clarity, playfulness, and person-ability over verbose, buried, and cut-and-dry content. At Sabra Design, we create products that provide clear and intuitive paths to active participation in your business or cause.

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Sample Portfolio Items

Taptin App Website

We built an innovative one-paged website for Plexus Promotions’ new release of their Taptin App.

Plexus Website

The Plexus Promotions website showcases the business side of the TaptIn venture.

Happy Product Splash Page

We delivered a simple splash page to help Mark Osborne’s fans access all of his social media outlets easily.

Lumix CPA Website

We created a clean and modern website that will allow Lumix to better connect with their client base.

Socrates Connected Website

This multilingual website has given the Socrates Connected team a digital store front that is equally beautiful as it is functional, and a pleasure to explore.

MENAwell Consulting Website

The new MENAwell Consulting website was designed to better reach their target audience and showcase their work.

Military Edge Website

The Military Edge website is designed to allow policymakers, specifically in the legislative and executive branch as well as the broader analyst community, to understand the military dynamics throughout the Middle East.

501 Auctions Website

A clean and modern website for a rising star in the Non-Profit Auctions sector.

The Hybrid Shop Website

For this particular website, we were asked to help design the layout based on the branding we had already come up with.

WiDON Website

Thanks to our collaborative working relationship with Yoko Co., we designed this website for the Wisconsin Director of Nursing Council.

GD Fine Art Website

This website allows a professional photographer to advertise new workshops and manage galleries in just a few clicks.

Clelia Bastari Website

This website allows Clelia Bastari to manage her online creative portfolio and blog quickly and easily.

HiFi Heaven Website

The website we built for HiFi Heaven helps them easily showcase and sell vintage audio systems they have restored and repaired.

SEX(ED) Website

This mobile optimized splash page announced an exciting new documentary film and collects contact information of interested visitors.

Wallace Agency Website

We created this clean and professional website to showcase the Wallace Agency’s insurance services and to create a great first point of contact for potential clients. Click here to view website

Tumba DJ Website

Tumba DJ’s website quickly directs his fans to his various social media pages where they can interact with him, listen to his music, and more. Click here to view website

Tumba e Cuca Website

Tumba DJ and Cuca DJ present their collaborative work. Click here to view website

Teatro Magico Website

This website functions as the central hub of the various Teatro Magico department websites: Portfolios, Workshops, and Store.

Teatro Magico Online Store

The Teatro Magico Store includes art, collectibles, books, and artisan products of all different kinds. Click here to view website

Teatro Magico Portfolio Dept. Website

The Teatro Magico offers online versions of all the portfolios they realize, which are all hosted on this website alongside backstage videos.

Teatro Magico Workshops Website

An online hub designed to attract those who have interest and passion in photography to a place in Milan, Italy where they can experiment with and explore it at their own pace.

Jewels of Change Website

We made this website to help this film reach its audience. Click here to view website

Doorstep Dinners E-Commerce Website

Doorstep Dinner’s entire business depended on its online presence.