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Project Description

The Military Edge website is designed to allow policymakers, specifically in the legislative and executive branch as well as the broader analyst community, to grapple with the new questions surrounding Israel’s QME.

The centerpiece of the site is an interactive map of the Middle East and North Africa. With this map, users can easily access the known weaponry of any country’s military in the region. Users can also compare the military arsenals of a variety of actors in the Middle East and North Africa, and learn which are qualitatively and/or quantitatively superior.

Users can further explore and read various articles related to weapons systems, military developments in the countries under review, as well as legislation, past and present, dealing with QME.

And while the initial goal of the site was to help users gain a better understanding of Israel’s precarious military challenges, the site serves as a useful tool in understanding the military dynamics throughout the Middle East.

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